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sci-fi objects 
a plausible future

Lasalle College of the Arts | 2018

A dictionary of objects from popular sci-fi films that have been designed as cinematic representations of technological possibilities and how they have lead to further scientific research in the real world.

project brief
  • To inquire deeply into a group of objects of choice, finding and presenting historical, theoretical and practical information about it in a logical and compelling manner.

  • To create a 'Biographical Dictionary of Objects' based around theme.

  • Objects to be defined by biographical details including:

  • historical period, usage, geographical location, manufacturing process and relation to other objects. 

  • To be printed and designed like an actual dictionary and to include images, categorized in a logical way.

  • Group project.

team and roles
about the dictionary
  • Each of the five of us us wrote about and cited two objects, together creating a dictionary of 10 objects. 

  • The Sonic Screwdriver and DeLorean were written by me. 

  • I wrote the introduction to the Dictionary. 

  • Segregated out chosen objects into wearables, technology, gadgets and transportation.

  • Created relevance of these objects to the current world by researching real-life objects or studies that have stemmed from inspiration of the respective fictional objects.

  • Arranged in chronological order of the films they were first featured in.   


  • The group brainstormed to identify various groups of objects, making sure there were at least 10 objects that could be included in each such group.

  • Narrowed down on two possible groups:

    • 'Heirloom Objects' - This was chosen keeping in mind each member's diverse cultural background, and it included objects like scarves, jewelry, and weapons. 

    • 'Sci-Fi Objects' - This group comprised of objects from works of science fiction including movies and TV shows. This group resonated with us, however, posed a challenge in defining them. The question was do we convey who, where and when they were invented in real life or in the fictional world they existed in?

  • Debating between the two topics, and with guidance from our lecturer, we decided on defining Sci-Fi Objects A Plausible Future. 

my contribution

the dictionary

Introduction - Pg. 7

Sonic Screwdriver - Pg. 8-11

DeLorean - Pg. 16-19

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