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Lasalle College of the Arts | 2020

A speculative product meant for a future world where all work is replaced by automation and a universal basic income is provided to everyone. 

Designed a product that encourages people to perform leisure activities by creating a temporary currency, the quality, and quantity of which is based on the performance. The product is made for growing herbs in homes. Keeping the plant healthy and alive yields fresh water, which can then be used to clean the herbs plucked.

Material: Plastic 

Size: 9" x 9" x 15"



  • Product Design

  • Design Thinking

  • Critical Design

  • Speculative Design


  • Ethnographic Research

  • Anthropological Research

  • Secondary Research

(text, film, exhibitions, case studies)

  • Speculation

  • Ideation

  • Prototyping


  • Rhinoceros 6

  • Keyshot

  • 3D Printing

  • Vacuum Forming

  • Adobe Illustrator


  • A universal basic income is provided to everyone.

  • All work is automated.

  • People use their time to build relationships and express themselves creatively through leisure activities.


To create a ‘currency system’ based on leisure activities performed:

  • To create an element of surprise. (To create different outcomes when the same rules are followed and same tools are used.

  • To sustain the lifestyle (create energy, biomass, oxygen).

  • To create a temporary currency system. 


Qualitative demographics:

  • People with lack of motivation 

  • Having a lazy lifestyle

  • People having jobs with less social value and are working only for money.


Conducted Primary Research based on retired and unemployed people.

  • Observations and interviews at Kampung Admiralty - A development created for the retired citizens of Singapore. It consists of housing, a medical center, and recreational activities allowing elderly people to live independently and actively.

    • The Active Ageing Hub, among other activities, hosts inter-generational activities helping the retired connect with young kindergarten students. ​​​

    • The 8th floor at the recreation and health center allows residents to do gardening creating not only an activity but interesting architecture.

  • Interviews at a Recreation center that is an initiative by a church where retired people come to socialize, exercise, and play games. Interviewed both volunteering employees and the retired. 

  • Observations at ORTO, a recreational center for people of all ages - providing activities like fishing and prawning.


  • A “currency” is required for people to gain some sort of satisfaction/ motivation (driving factor).

  • The only thing that separated ‘work’ from passion is survival.

  • Jobs with special value don't need monetary motivation and are satisfied by the relationships created.

  • There will always be some kind of hierarchy system as long as there exists a ‘currency’ with a long store of value.


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